Prime Minister must reduce bureaucracy clogging grants distribution


Ramona Ramdial, Member of Parliament for Couva North. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)

One Opposition Member of Parliament is urging Government to find creative ways to reduce the bureaucracy in the public service, so citizens can access quicker, much needed rental and income grants.

Speaking with Guardian Media today, Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial said these desperate times demand more creativity by the authorities, not more bureaucracy.

“As a government you need to be resourceful,” she notes.  “You need to be innovative in your thinking and you need to find a way through the bureaucracy. This is an extraordinary situation. We are living in challenging time and citizens need help now. I think the Prime Minister is making a poor excuse when he cites bureaucracy as a problem.”

She adds: “ If the government was serious about helping the masses, they would find ways around the bureaucracy.  All he has to do is instruct his ministers to sit with the public officers of their respective ministries to find a way through the bureaucracy, to deliver to the people of T&T.”

The Couva North MP recently made an appeal to Government to consider building or setting up shelters for those persons who may be evicted from rental units by landlords, so they would have a place of shelter.

She points out that not all landlords will listen to the Prime Minister and allow tenants to stay without paying rent.

She also argues that landlords, too, are small business owners with bills to pay.