Guimar Jose Rausseo Marcano

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DDP) has instructed the police to file four murder charges against a Princes Town man.

Anthony Mitchell, 23, also called, ‘Pookie’, of St Croix Road, has been charged with the murders of Venezuelan nationals Guimar Jose Rausseo Marcano and Jose Serrano along with Darnel Mitchell and Aaron George.

The four were murdered on May 25, 2020, at Daly Road, New Grant, Princes Town.

A statement from the Police Service said the arrest of the suspect was a result of a detailed investigation

headed by Supt Sean Dhilpaul, of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, Region III, in collaboration with the Research Analytical Unit (RA) CSMU, Southern Division, Northern Division, SORT and other internal and external partners.

Acting Deputy Commissioner (Intelligence and Investigations) Mc Donald Jacob has been quoted in the statement as saying: “I would like to express appreciation to the effort made by the investigators of the HBI and the other teams of officers who supported the investigations, including Cyber Crime and the Research and Analytical Unit, as well as the Southern Division. It was a collaborative effort and it demonstrated the new mechanisms being used by the TTPS in conducting investigations. The public will see the positive results under the leadership of our Commissioner of Police.”