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A doubles vendor is now in police custody in connection with the death of Princes Town handyman Errol Aguillera.

Investigators say Aguillera, 58, of Pierre Street, Princes Town was found lying face up in the middle of the road at Gobin Street, Princes Town, shortly after 11 am.

Initially, people believed he was drunk and had fallen. However, when a neighbour checked, they realised he was dead.

Officers later received information that Aguillera had been attacked by a man.

Speaking to Guardian Media, Aguillera’s elder brother Anthony Shoy said it was not the first time that his brother had been attacked by the assailant.

“I saw my brother about 9 this morning and he told me he was going to the town to buy a tee-shirt. I told him I was going to wash the car and to go ahead and buy his teeshirt. Then sometime after 12, someone called and said come and see what happened to your brother. When I went I saw him lying on the ground,” Shoy recalled.

He said Aguillera loved to drink alcohol and have fun but usually on a Sunday he would spend the day resting.

Shoy said he did not know what led to the death but was told that both Aguillera and the doubles vendor who lives close by, were drinking at Lothians Junction when they got into an argument.

The man was heard threatening Aguillera with a crowbar.

“They knocked one another and both of them went off. They said they almost scramble and a friend parted the fight,” Shoy said.

He said Aguillera started making his way home but collapsed and died.

Shoy said his On Friday his brother won $600 after playing Whe-Whe and he feted with his neighbours to celebrate his win. He described Aguillera as a generous man, who used to help everyone in the community as a handyman. He also worked part-time at the nearby hardware.