Princes Town market (Image by Rishi Ragoonath)

Princes Town vendors are protesting against a decision to close the market to undertake repairs.

Vendor Brian Francois complained that the Princes Town Regional Corporation is acting without properly consulting with them.

Noting that Divali and Christmas are two peak times for them, he is asking that the repair works be pushed to January during “banga season.”

The vendors vented their frustration to the media this morning and also to Corporation officials who were at the market.

However, Corporation chairman Gowrie Roopnarine said funds have been released and the contract has been awarded.

The work is expected to begin on November 1. But, Roopnarine has agreed to start the work after Divali to accommodate the vendors.

He also assured that they would be working with the construction to ensure that the project does not go beyond a month.

Meanwhile, he said the regular vendors will be allowed to sell on the street in front of the market. 

Standing in solidarity with the vendors, Umar Abdullah, head of the First Wave Movement, assured the vendors that he will be on the corporation heels to ensure that they are fairly treated.