Princes Town Regional Corporation chairman Gowrie Roopnarine, at a parliamentary oversight committee meeting, has appealed to WASA to restore water to the area.

The Chairman of the Princes Town Regional Corporation has called on WASA to swiftly restore the water supply to the Tableland area and other parts of the Princes Town Region in light of the COVID-19 virus.

In a statement issued to the media yesterday, chairman Gowrie Roopnarine said that it has been one month since parts of Tableland has been without pipe-borne water.

Roopnarine said, “If the Government is advising the public to take proactive measures, a basic necessity such as water should be first priority on their list.”

He added, “We at the Princes Town Regional Corporation are trying our best to assist residents with truck borne water.”

But he said because of the efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, the corporation is “once again calling on WASA to play their part in ensuring that our burgesses are safe.”