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In what police believe was a case of revenge, a Princes Town woman was shot in the thigh while watching television in her home on Thursday.

Investigators said around 7 pm on Thursday, Marissa Williams, 34, of Craignish Village, was sitting in her living room when a man wearing a black hoodie and long black pants, entered her home through an open door.

The man shouted, “Where the boss!”

He then fired a shot and left saying, “This is a warning.”

Williams told police she saw blood coming from her upper right thigh.

She called the police and a team of officers led by Cpl Singh and PC Jugoon responded. By then, the gunman had already fled. She was taken to the Princes Town Health Facility where she was treated for a gunshot wound. She was then transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital where she remains warded in a stable condition as investigations continue