Prison Officers Association president Ceron Richards speaks with members of the media during a press conference at the Prison Sports Club, Arouca yesterday.

The Prison Officers’ Association is calling on the Government to come to clean whether a contract was awarded to install a new alarm system at the Maximum State Prison in Arouca.

The association told the Trinidad Guardian that no alarm system leaves the lives of officers and inmates at risk.

Just two weeks ago, the Association said there was a stabbing at the MSP in Arouca and prison officers were faced with the challenge to alert other officers about the incident.

The association’s president, Ceron Richards, told Guardian Media ,”It was only last week it was brought to my attention that no such contract exists, so we are calling on the minister to clear the air. We don’t know who is telling the truth the minister is saying there is a contract and other sources at his very ministry are saying that there is no contract.”

Since 2012, the association has been complaining that the system is crucial at the prison and to date, it has not been implemented by the Government.

Richards said, “There is no prison anywhere in the world minimum-maximum or at whatever level does not have an alarm system save and except Trinidad and Tobago save and except the Maximum Security Prison in Golden Grove in Trinidad and Tobago”.

The MSP population is 2000 prisoners.

He claimed that there is a plan by the Government to make the service redundant and possibly issue contracts to other organisations to do the jobs of prison officers.

Richards said, “the Government knows prison officers would not just walk off the job so that is what they are playing on whether or not they have an alarm system they will come to work because they love their country that is such a wicked situation, a wicked act by the Government to ill-treat and abuse persons who come to work every day to advance the interest of the State.”