The Prison Service has announced that a prisoner at the Port-of-Spain Prison has tested positive for COVID-19.

The following is a statement by the Prison Service.

“The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service advises that a convicted prisoner housed at the Port of Spain Prison has tested positive for Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

On Sunday August 09, 2020, the prisoner who has underlying medical complications, complained of experiencing symptoms consistent with the virus, and was escorted to the Port of Spain General Hospital where a test was conducted and later returned with a positive result. He is now warded at the Caura medical facility. His family has been contacted and informed by an assigned Welfare Officer.

The area where the prisoner was housed was immediately evacuated and sanitized. The prisoners who shared the same cell have since been placed under quarantine and are being observed for symptoms.

Commissioner of Prisons (Ag), Mr. Dennis Pulchan has indicated that despite all the preventative measures implemented to maintain a safe and Covid-19 free environment, today it is inevitable with the emergence of community cases. He stated that his Officers who have performed remarkably throughout the pandemic, are under strict guidelines not to report for duty if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms or were in any contact with persons testing positive or under quarantine. They have been advised to seek medical attention at the health facility nearest to them.

Commissioner Pulchan is also assuring friends and relatives of incarcerated persons that management of the situation is ongoing for containment and every effort is being made to keep their loved ones safe and secure.

The immediate and stringent measures undertaken by the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service from the onset of the pandemic, saw it’s effective prevention of spread of the virus within the nation’s prisons and it will continue to maintain these measures in an effort to reduce the spread.”