Bruises on the hands of a Standard three student of the Pepper Village Primary, following a beating allegedly at the hands of a teacher.

An investigation has been launched into an alleged assault which took place at the Pepper Village Government Primary School, involving a teacher and student.

A parent of a Standard Three student at the school posted pictures on social media on Wednesday, alleging that her son was badly beaten by a teacher.

The pictures, which have been shared by more than 2,000 social media users, show bruises to the back of the child’s thighs.

The woman claimed her son was left in pain after being beaten with a piece of stick which broke during the incident.

The beating allegedly took place on Tuesday.

Guardian Media understands the student and his parents have been interviewed by school supervisors and other officials of the Ministry of Education.

The teacher and other students were expected to be interviewed yesterday. The report will be submitted to the Ministry today. It will then be forwarded to the Teaching Service Commission, in the event disciplinary action has to be taken against the teacher.

Guardian Media tried reaching out to the child’s mother but was unsuccessful. However, we were told the student has not attended school since the alleged incident occurred.