Police are searching for an Erin man who doused a 66-year-old proprietress with a flammable mixture after she refused to sell him because he was bareback.

According to a police report, around 8.15 am on Monday Helen Ragoobar, 66, opened her mini-mart at Arena Village, Erin.

One of her first customers was a man known to her for the past 20 years. She refused to sell because he was bareback.

In a fit of anger, the man threw a mixture of kerosene and gasoline on her upper body which caused her skin to burn.

He then ran off.

She was taken to the Siparia Health Facility where she was treated.

In a telephone interview with Guardian Media, Edwin Gervais said his wife had a dispute with the assailant a few days ago.

“He cuss her up and she tell him not to come back in her place because she will not sell him. When she open the place yesterday he came in and she told him she not selling him because he was not properly attired to come in the business. He throw the substance on her. He came prepared to do this. Some got into her eye.”

He said his wife was traumatised and was resting at home. Police are still searching for the suspect who has since gone into hiding.

PC Titus of the Erin Police Station is investigating.