Police are at Suchit Trace in Penal where residents are standing up against consistent flooding in the area. They lined the street with white fabric and signs calling on the authorities to take immediate steps to reduce the level of flooding they are enduring at Suchit Trace and environs.

Photos by Rishi Ragoonath

Leading the action, South Oropouche Riverine Flood Action Group president Edward Moodie said, “The people decided to stand up this morning. We are not going to protest. We are seeing the rivers have no bank. We run a line to show that it is the same level as the road. We are asking bank cut down. The rivers needs to be resulted.”
He complained that there is no bank at the Coromata river and the river bank at Tulsa Trace Picnic site was cut by a contractor.

“We want the Ministry of Works to come and fix this problem. People are fed up.”
Moodie said the problem, however, is multifaceted and they conducted their own study and they know what are the solutions. Instead of protesting, the residents put signs and pieces of white cloth in from of their homes to protect their discontent.

Resident Nanadlal Karan says he could no longer endure this ordeal. “The flooding is too regular real damage, the household everything. Every year I lose things. The river needs a bank, it needs building, they need to deepen the river more. I can’t take this. I lose bed, wardrobe, fridge, everything.”

Another resident Jaggernauth Seunath called on the authorities to stop treating them like second class citizens “We dont want a hamper, we make a very valuable contribution. We can’t afford to continue like this,” he lamented. Also lending support to the residents were Penal Debe Regional Corporation chairman Dr Allen Sammy and Oropouche West MP Dave Tancoo.

Reporter: Sascha Wilson