Residents of Realize Road, Princes Town, protest over the number of landslides in the area, yesterday, and are calling for the Ministry of Works to fix eight landslips in the area.

With no water in their taps on the eve of Divali, Princes Town residents staged sporadic protests in several parts of the community yesterday, calling for roads and landslip repairs.

The first protest occurred just after 7 am at Realize Road which has over eight landslips. This road connects Barrackpore to Princes Town.

Resident Sharifa Balgobin said over the past month heavy rains caused the road to slip down a 20 feet precipice causing single land traffic. She said heavy vehicles could no longer traverse the area.

“Garbage trucks cannot come in here and we have to tote the garbage out on the main road. We need to have the road fixed now please,” she pleaded.

Another resident Manzool Mohammed said the slippage in the area has worsened over the years.

“It seems as if every resident have a personal landslip and if not one, two,” he exclaimed.

He said because maintenance is not being done regularly, the problems were getting worse.

“We are also suffering for water. If we do not build a tank stand and buy tanks and a pump we will have no water because for months we have no water in the lines,” he shouted.

Meanwhile, at Lengua Settlement, residents also staged a placard protest.

Khairool Hosein said he was fed up with the water shortages.

“Endless trouble, only those with an extra tank could survive. We don’t get water for three weeks. Also, it is 13 years now we have had this landslip here. There are homes that are under threat. We have made several reports to every government ministry and no help,” Hosein said.

Meanwhile, councillor for Lengua Indian/Walk Rajesh Lal said many of the landslides in the constituency occurred because of broken water lines. He said because of a major landslide repair, residents have not received water for two weeks.

“This could have been avoided if the Ministry of Works and WASA had been liaising with each other.

He added, “Tomorrow is Divali and they have no water. They cannot wash yard, wash their yard, wash deya, soak channa. Knowing that Divali is nearby, they could have done something and prioritise a supply for Lengua that period.”

Abdool Mohammed who lives at Lengua Settlement said he has been waiting for 13 years for a landslip to be fixed in his area. He explained that since the St Croix landslip occurred, more vehicles have been traversing in front of his home causing further damage.

MP for Naparima Rodney Charles said there were also landslips at Sahadat Trace, Diamond Road, Sahai Trace and Lengua Settlement.

During the protest, Charles said there were 600 secondary roads in his constituency which were in various stages of disrepair. He said the Regional Corporations had no money to fix roads and the Ministry of Works was ignoring the plight of the people. During the protest, Charles had a mock funeral ceremony for Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, Works Minister Rohan Sinanan and Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein where a box was buried at the side of the landslip and residents shouted “Bury him, bury him.”

Works Minister Rohan Sinanan said several landslip repairs have been done in that area including one at St Croix Road. He said repairs will be subject to the availability of funds.