A section of the crowd at last year’s Machel Monday show at the Hasley Crawford Stadium.

Carnival is anticipated by many people each year as their moment to jump, wine and fete away the daily struggles of life.

“When you go on the road Carnival Monday and you get behind that truck there is no other feeling like it. The feeling of freedom and release, it is incomparable,” regular masquerader Michelline Dasrathsingh told Guardian Media yesterday.

Dasrathsingh, who has been playing mas for 18 years, said she understands why the government has pulled the curtains on the show.

As Carnival has moved from the street to the screen, she explained that there is a feeling of “emptiness” inside of her.

“You not even hearing a lot of new soca on the radio but I agree with the decision because I think it is what is necessary given the situation with the coronavirus”, Dasrathsingh said.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologists (TTAP), Wendy Jeremie, indicated that it is normal for people to feel distressed as she noted Carnival is woven into most people’s identity.

“Some people will literally go into a depression because it is a loss and some will experience the economic part of it, the social part of it and they need to have this release,” Jeremie stated.

The TTAP President suggested people make it a party of one.

“Every day I put on my radio and I am hearing a lot of calypso and I am even dancing here to myself so I can keep abreast of what the latest is so they can do that. They can even play their music at home and have the beer by yourself because we can’t congregate and we have to obey the national law,” according to her.

Dasrathsingh said it is unlikely that she will participate in any of the virtual Carnival shows.

“I can’t see how it will really add anything to the experience. However, maybe that will be for a fete but if it is a concert that will be different,” she explained.

The TTAP President also suggested that people keep reminding themselves that it is not the end of Carnival and it will continue next year.