The Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) says it will be operating at 100 percent capacity once more, from Monday 22 June 2020, as Government continues to relax the COVID-19 restrictions.

In a news release issued today, the PTSC advises commuters, however, it will continue to adhere to the following preventative measures in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines:

1.   Tickets are being torn by passengers in clear view of drivers and disposed of in the bin provided;

2.   All buses are being fully sanitized before and after each trip. This involves cleaning of high touch areas such as stop buttons, hand rails and grab straps. This is in addition to normal cleaning arrangements;

3.   Adequate hand sanitizer dispensers and wash stations have been made available to all commuters boarding our buses at Terminals;

4.   Commuters are being asked to stand six (6) feet apart as they line up to board the bus;

5.   The wearing of masks is mandatory on board all buses;

6.   Upon entering our premises, all employees, visitors and commuters will be scanned for high body temperature using infrared thermal scanners;

7.   Tours and Charters have been suspended until further notice and

8.   Commuters who display flu-like symptoms are being discouraged from utilizing the service.