The PTSC bus which crashed into the Kellys’ rental home, along the Caparo Valley Road, yesterday.

The morning routines of two families with children, were interrupted when a Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) bus came crashing into their rental home along the Caparo Valley Road yesterday morning.

Homeowner Roston Kelly, who returned home after receiving a frantic phone call from his wife, said they were all very lucky to escape unhurt.

“I now left one minute…my wife call me, she start to cry, she say a bus run into the house the guy say something about he get a bad drive…normal thing they say that but we don’t know.”

Kelly, who has two rental apartments on the ground floor level of his home, said, while he is grateful that no one was injured, he is hoping that the PTSC moves swiftly to have his home repaired.

“First thing I wanted to know when meh wife call, if any of the rentals get damage, if everybody safe, if the bus driver safe, from there we could move on. Now I hope we could get something going. We want to get the place fix. Nobody didn’t get damage so let we work on the future now on this.”

His tenant, whose apartment the bus crashed into, said his wife and two children were at home at the time of the accident. He said he was left stunned by the incident.

Meanwhile, PTSC told Guardian Media that the organisation is aware of the accident.

PTSC noted there were no serious injuries and said the accident is currently being investigated by the Police Service and that it has also launched an internal investigation into the incident.