Edwin Gooding

Chairman of the Public Transport Sevices Corporation (PTSC) Edwin Gooding yesterday dismissed social media posts about the board forcing its chief executive officer Basheer Mohammed to resign.

“Mr Mohammed rendered his resignation on January 21 and gave one month’s notice,” Gooding said.

Gooding said that Mohammed’s tenure would end on February 20.

Guardian Media contacted Mohammed about the social posts and he first said that his “public relation people” would issue a statement

When asked specifically if there was any truth to the rumour, he repeated that his PR people would issue a statement.

However, Mohammed later said that he decided to leave the company because he was putting in 12 to 14-hour days and it was starting to affect his family life.

“The board was very understanding,” Mohammed said.

He said the rumours were inaccurate and said there was nothing malicious in his decision to resign.

It was former transport minister Devant Maharaj who initially shared the post on social media.

Gooding said he was unsure why Maharaj kept pushing false information on PTSC.

“He is looking to give life to his lies,” Gooding said.

Gooding said that Maharaj was just “trying to keep himself relevant.”

Maharaj, in response told Guardian Media that contrary to what Gooding said, it was the “PNM administration that has a record of fabrication of emails, misleading the public regarding the Tobago Ferries, Unknown children in Camp Cumuto, Hiding the Daryl Smith Report, etc,” he said.

“So forgive me if I do not believe a word said by a political hack appointed as chairman trying to make excuses,” he said.

“Recall that PTSC CEO Ronald Forde was fired after giving testimony at a JSC.. This is the character of the administration,” Maharaj said.

Last week, Maharaj went on social media stating that PTSC auctioned off a fairly new bus for just $9,500.

The PTSC refuted that claim as well.