Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales took a tour of the T&TEC Power Station at the Cove Eco-Industrial Plant in Tobago earlier today. The visit came after Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis took the authority to task following a series of power outages and surges on the island.

The latest being last Thursday when the entire island lost power. Following the tour, the Minister said he came to the island because he felt that a “Ministerial presence was necessary to demonstrate that we will do what’s necessary to remedy the situation.”
The Minister assured that the plant can generate well beyond the island’s needs, however, last week’s incident occurred during the reinstallation of equipment that was down for a month and a half.

He said the issue will continue to be monitored and the authority will undertake “maintenance work on overhead lines to minimize disruptions.”
Secretary for Settlements, Urban Renewal and Public Utilities Clarence Jacob who was also at the press conference said the frequent power outages were being caused by “an infestation of frogs at the facility which causes breakers on fuses to blow in addition to landslips and falling trees which damage power lines.”

Reporter: Loyse Vincent