A look at the facilities were 68 nationals have been quarantined in Balandra.

Daily life for Balandra’s newest residents appeared to be quiet and unassuming this morning.

Forced into a 14-day quarantine after some of the passengers aboard the Costa Favalosa tested positive for COVID-19, 68 persons today remained isolated from their relatives and friends.

When Guardian Media visited the Seventh Day Adventist Church facility, Camp Balandra around 11 am, some persons were seen sitting on the front porch while a few others were seen putting in loads of laundry to wash and dry.

Various articles of clothing were seen draped across the concrete tables and benches dotting the front lawn. Just around the same time, two employees of Rickel Services Ltd were seen removing two portable toilets which had been placed in the front yard of the spacious compound. When asked why they were removed, officials said they had been delivered to the wrong address.

Meanwhile, armed soldiers remained stationed at the main entrance following the arrival of the passengers on Wednesday.

The purpose of the soldiers is to ensure that no one enters or leaves the facility which remains locked down for the next 14 days.