Allistair Simmons

With celebrations curtailed across the world to stop the spread of COVID-19, 2020’s New Year Eve was celebrated like no other as many people say they will be in their homes surrounded by family members looking on as they mark the beginning of 2021.

Guardian Media walked through the streets of Port-of-Spain yesterday to find out from some people how they planned to ring in the new year.

Tyron Hamilton of Laventille and Deoraj Sookdeo of Flanagin Town told us they will be having some drinks with his family.

“With the realities of what we are facing with the country at this time I would just spend it with family”, Frank Cowie said.

Dominic Timothy said he will be going to his hometown, Lopinot, with his family. They will attend New Year’s Mass after which he said they may watch parang.

Today is not just the first day of the new year for the Timothy family as Dominic said his parents are celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary. Nothing spectacular is planned however Dominic stated, as the first child, he will ensure the day is commemorated.

While so many people may be cosied up at home with their loved ones, Allistair Simmons said he will be at work. As a member of the protective services Simmons said he is happy to do his part in ensuring the country is safe.

Despite revelry being muted, people emphasized their eagerness to look past 2020 with the hope that the new year will bring a fresh start.

According to Sookdeo, “I hope we get the vaccine as soon as possible, by January, for this COVID-19 so everybody could have a good Carnival and move around as normal as before”.

“For 2021, I am hoping that the country is resilient enough to withstand the pressures that we are facing because all over the world is facing the same problem”, said Frank Cowie.

He added, “Either we support each other or perish together”.

Guardian Media also caught up with 18-year-old Rebecca Octave who told us she is hoping to grow her online eyelash business as well as decide on what educational path to take.

Regardless of what the new year brings, Dominic said he will use the lessons of 2020 to the best of his ability to ensure his life is as simple as possible.