Andy Williams

Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

Radio host Andy Williams, who co-hosts The Ground Report at Radio 104.7 FM was shot and wounded just as he was about to leave his home in Chaguanas for the radio station yesterday.

According to a police report, Williams, 43, was ambushed around 5.45 am by two gunmen dressed in black Muslim garbs and masks just outside his home at Edinburgh 500.

He was shot four times. One bullet exited his left arm and two more entered his back and one of his legs.

Williams was said to be in a stable condition at the hospital yesterday.

Police are yet to establish a motive for the shooting.

On hearing the news of this shooting, scores of fans took to the radio talk show host’s Facebook page wishing him a speedy recovery and offering prayers for his safety and well-being.

In 2008, at his former home, a close female relative to Williams was shot and wounded while still in bed.

Williams told reporters back then that more than 20 bullet holes were left on the walls of his home but police were not able to recover any shells.