Minister of Social Development and Family Services Donna Cox wipes water from her face which srpung from a leak in roof over the Parliament Chamber during her Budget contribution yesterday.

The Senate had to suspend for 10 minutes yesterday, after the ceiling of the Senate’s southern chamber sprung a leak with the heavy rains.

The situation occurred at 12.16 pm, while Social Development Minister Donna Cox was delivering her Budget address from one of the two speaking booths in the Chamber.

Feeling raindrops, she said, “Excuse me Madame President I’m getting wet here…it has a leak.”

Senate President Christine Kangaloo suspended the sitting.

When it resumed, Senate Vice President Nigel De Freitas announced that Government senators could speak from their seats with masks on while Opposition and Independent senators could use the second booth in the chamber.

In 2020, the day after the Red House was reopened following its refurbishment, the Red House also sprung a leak.

In a release yesterday, UDeCOTT said an engineering and maintenence crew was dispatched to fix the leak, once it was identified, in short order. —GA