A man walks through flood waters at Bedeau Street, Gasparillo, yesterday.

Five minutes of heavy rainfall left residents in Gasparillo marooned in their homes after floods rose in their communities yesterday.

Councillor Safraz Ali and residents took to Facebook to express their frustration over the situation.

The watercourses spilt over and gushed water into the roadway and properties.

Flooding occurred in several communities including Bedeau Street, Charles Street, Bonne Aventure and Bhangwansingh Trace.

In a video of the floods in the Bedeau Street community near the mosque, Ali complained, “Begging four years now to have the watercourse cleaned and as a resident said just five minutes of rainfall this is the situation here.”

Calling on authorities to clean the river courses, he said, “People suffering right now with COVID and to lose things by flooding here that is unacceptable.”

He said the water had started to recede.

“I am calling on the authorities to please, please clean the watercourses. The rain now really start for the rainy season.”

On her Facebook profile, Resh Young, a resident of Bhagwansingh Trace, pleaded for the river to be dredged.

“You want votes, we need changes! A few minutes again of rainfall it will reach inside.”

She complained that they received no compensation when they “lost everything” in the floods last year.

“It’s hard to start over again and again and no compensation,” Ali told Guardian Media that he received no reports of damage to property or flooding inside of residents’ home.

One resident, however, had to use objects to block his doorway to prevent the water from entering his home.

He warned that if the watercourses are not cleaned soon residents would eventually suffer significant losses and damage to property.