The National Enrichment Centre at Carlsen Field which remained closed on Wednesday.

The Carlsen Field Enrichment Centre for Disabled Children remains underutilised.

Calls to have the multimillion-dollar facility up and fully active came from Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh, head of the Dr Glenn Foundation for Differently-Abled Children.

He was at the time distributing hampers to parents of children who suffer from Cerebral Palsy.

The distribution took place at his office at St Augustine on Wednesday. Ramdaharsingh said the centre was built by the People’s Partnership government to ensure disabled children would have a venue for physiotherapy, education and social activities.

He said in the last five years some groups have gotten access to the facility.

He said,“ I do not believe it is functional. I believe it is time to clamour for the rights of special children and that centre needs to be operational.”

He said it should be utilized during the COVID-19 challenge to ensure some relief is brought to children who have to remain in lockdown.

Ramadharsingh said the foundation has been operational for the last ten years and would expand its operations in 2021 to include quarterly clinics and support.

He said the hampers of medical supplies and other items were donated by the private sector.

He said distribution across T&T started earlier this month.

Social Development Minister Donna Cox when contacted for a comment said the centre was impacted by COVID-19 since all the activities being held there were stopped because of the need for physical distancing.

The Minister said in August last year a group had been conducting free therapy sessions for children with disabilities but that too had to be halted because of a problem with the water supply to the centre. She said that issue is being addressed.