Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Clarence Rambharat.

“No hunting allowed in public spaces like the Palmiste Park.”

That was the warning from Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat yesterday after he was alerted to people hunting iguanas in that park which borders Palmiste Blocks, Four, Six and Seven.

Residents reported that around 2 pm yesterday they noticed a car parked on the Marion Court recreational grounds in the neighbourhood. Residents who said the vehicle was not known to them, contacted the security company that patrols the area.

The patrol officers made contact with the owner of the vehicle.

The patrolmen realized that the owner of the vehicle and another individual were carrying rifles and were hunting the wildlife in the residential park.

The TTPS was contacted to advise on the situation – but the security team was told that it “was legal to hunt in the residential area.” The TTPS advised that there was nothing that can be done “as it was not in any violation of the law.”

The hunters, who had been operating in the areas for almost two hours, were seen leaving with their hands and bags full of iguanas which live in the park.

Concerned residents said, “This area is a sanctuary for wildlife. We take a lot of pride in protecting the iguanas so we had to follow up to find out what should really apply here.”

Contacted on the issue, Rambharat said,” People should not have been hunting there (park). I would notify the game wardens. It is a public place and also, hunting is prohibited in our national parks.”