It’s the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths and infections ever recorded in one day as 11 people lose their lives while over 615 more test positive.  The Ministry of Health, however, notes the new infections came from samples collected over the past five days.

The number of new infections is usually reported from samples collected between two to three days. The highest number of cases to be confirmed by the Ministry until today was on May 8 with 402 cases.  

According to the ministry’s release, ” the reported positive cases reflect a high percentage of infection within the population. The cases tested reflected a positivity rate in excess of 40%, which is a cause for significant concern.”

It underscored the need for citizens to be vigilant and practice the COVID-19 prevention measures.

Today’s figures also make 66 fatalities for the month and surpassed the previous highest daily death count which was recorded on Tuesday.  

Hours before the Ministry of Health’s daily update was released, the Epidemiology Division’s Technical Director Dr Avery Hinds indicated the recent deaths which appear to increase daily is a consequence of the high number of infections.  

“With the number of cases we have been seeing this represents widespread circulation in the population and as the number of people who are for one reason or another either compromised or susceptible would be exposed with the consequent possibility that some proportion of those would have a fatal outcome,” he said during a virtual press conference.  

He said the country’s mortality rate remained between 1.5 and 1.7 per cent despite the recent fatalities which appear to be occurring more frequently. This is below the global average of 3.4 per cent.  

He predicted that case numbers would continue to rise before decreasing as a result of the mass gatherings which occurred around the implementations of restrictions within the past two weeks.

“All of that has to work its way through the system before the numbers starts to come down,” he said. 

Total deaths now stand at 235 with active cases at 4,588.

Reporter: Rishard Khan