Analdo Ramjitsingh with his wife Jineal Chichester and 3 month baby who escape death at Cross Crossing, San Fernando where a drag racing car lost control and crashed into their food cart.

Burger cart owner Arnaldo Ramjitsingh wants to know why the police have not arrested the drag racer who ploughed into Ramjitsingh’s burger cart last Saturday, setting it on fire and leaving him injured.

Ramjitsingh of Marabella was flung from the cart upon impact.

He suffered injuries to his chest, back and hands and was treated at the San Fernando General Hospital before being discharged.

Speaking to Guardian Media, Ramjitsingh said he was astonished that nobody had been charged and the vehicle was never impounded.

Bystanders, who witnessed the incident have already come forward to give statements to the police, who were expected to return to the scene of the accident on Tuesday afternoon.

Ramjitsingh said the Cross (Cross Crossing in San Fernando) was usually busy especially on weekends yet drag racers have been racing in the strip between the two traffic lights.

“I saw on Facebook people asking whether they were drifting this weekend. I do not understand why people will be so reckless as to endanger others, including children in a public space. Something has to be done about this,” Ramjitsingh said.

He added, “The police must put a stop to this. Leave drag racing as a sport. It is not to be done on the street where there are innocent bystanders.”

He also called on the government to provide proper drag racing facilities for southerners so they will not drag race on the nation’s streets.

Ramjitsingh said he had friends who participated in professional drag racing.

Vehicles used for professional drag races are never driven on the nation’s roads but are towed to the racing tracks, he said.

“The people who do drag racing professionally are not reckless. When they are driving on the road they drive under the speed limit. But here we have reckless people who want to drift and behave recklessly on the road. Something has to be done about it,” he added.

He called on the police to do more patrols at the Cross to stop people from using the area as a drag strip.

Meanwhile, Ramjitsingh’s fiancé Jineal Chichester said she saw four drag racers speeding before one of them crashed into Ramjitsingh’s burger cart, throwing him out the window. She said she was nursing their three-week-old baby at the time and when she saw the fire blazing near the three gas tanks, she quickly handed the baby to someone and drove her car away from the fire, before rushing Ramjitsingh to the hospital.

Chichester said she too found it strange that nobody was charged. She called on Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello said they were aware that drag racing was being done at the Cross at nights. He said after a meeting with Traffic Management teams, a decision was taken to install speed humps at the Cross to stop any form of reckless drag racing.