Kern Richards

Sascha Wilson

Relatives of Icacos fisherman Kern Richards who was shot by the police during a search at his home want to hear from Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

Upset by police claims that he was involved in illegal activity, his former common-law wife Kimberly Soomai said, “I would really like the Police Commissioner to contact us…not call us but at least to give us some response, something.”

She said they got no feedback from the police investigating the incident, but the Police Complaints Authority is also investigating.

Responding to comments by Supt Roger Alexander on a video of one of the officers taking off his mask at the scene on Soomai’s request, she said, “My honest response that I would personally tell Alexander if I had the opportunity to tell him on news is if he comes I’ll ask him to take off his mask and that he works for the country. We are citizens so we have rights to ask the officers to identify themselves.”

While the police had searched Richards’ home several times, she said nothing illegal was ever found and he had no criminal record.

On TV6’s Beyond the Tape programme, Alexander said the police had intelligence that he was involved in the narcotics and drug trade. However, Soomai charged, “If he was so much involved why they never put him outside there like how they use to put Burkie or Chemist or Sandman or one of them?”

According to the Police Service’s media release, four officers from the Northern Division went to Richards’ home to execute a search warrant for arms and ammunition on Friday, but there was a commotion and Richards was shot multiple times.

A gun, according to the police, was found at his house. However, the relatives claimed that police planted the gun at the scene after he was shot.

Soomai says her 11-year-old son is grieving for his father and would need counseling.

“My son is a mess because he was close to his father. I will fight for my ex-husband to get justice. I will make sure we get justice,” she vowed. An autopsy on Monday revealed that 38-year-old Richards suffered multiple gunshot injuries. The funeral service will be held on Friday at the house of mourning from 1 pm and then to the Fullerton Cemetery.