Police oversee the protest at Paria Trading Sunday morning.

Sascha Wilson

Relatives of the four underwater divers who have been stuck in pipe in the Gulf of Paria since Friday are protesting in front the gates of Paria Fuel Trading Company.

Chanting and demanding answers, the family some of them were placards are calling on the officials to come out of their office and speak with them.

The relatives are joined by members of the OWTU and the MSJ.

The lost divers Kazim Ali Jnr, Rishi Nagessar, 48, of Couva, Fyzal Kurban 57, of Claxton Bay and Yusuf Henry,31, of Sangre Grande.

A fifth diver Christopher Boodram who was rescued is warded in a stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The incident occurred around 3 pm just off the Pointe a Pierre jetty. In a release on Friday night Paria Fuel Trading Company Ltd stated that the five underwater divers employed with LMCS Ltd were conducting an underwater maintenance exercise at No 36 Sealine Riser on Berth #6 at Paria Trading Company Limited, Pointe a Pierre.

During the exercise, an incident occurred which resulted in the loss of sight of the five men who who were being monitored from shore. However, the company stated that incident management protocols at Paria were immediately triggered, in accordance with established standards.

The company stated then that the cause of the incident was still being investigated. However, the families were told that something went wrong and the men were sucked into a 36 inch pipe. They complained that that the company failed to contact them when the incident occurred and to initiate immediate rescue operations.

In a brief interview with Guardian Media, Tricia Ramoutar, the sister in law of Fyzal Kurban one of the divers, said Kurban’s son who is part of the rescue team told them while they were lifting the pipe with a crane the chain burst and the pipe went back into the water.

Police are in the scene.