Reopen Government offices servicing construction sector sooner—former minister

FLASHBACK… Bon Air North housing project, in 2019. (Image: ABRAHAM DIAZ)

The Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, is calling on Government to reopen certain of its offices, which he says are critical to the operations of the construction sector.

Dr Rambachan, a former Minister of Local Government, as well as of Works and Transport, says the Town and Country Planning and Electoral Inspectorate Divisions should be reopened much sooner than scheduled, to ensure the construction sector gets back on its feet, quickly.

The full text of Dr Rambachan’s statement, follows…

The Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, Dr Surujrattan Rambachan is calling on the Prime Minister to open critical Government Offices which will affect the resurgence of the Construction Sector. 

The Electoral Inspectorate Division for example, at least in San Fernando was supposed to be open this morning but was deferred to May 26th, 2020.  Officials noted that these instructions not to open came from the top.

Furthermore, approved plans at Local Government Corporations cannot be collected because receipts are not being prepared for applicants to pay into the relevant bank accounts of the Regional Corporation for approved plans.

The Town and Country Planning Division will be another serious impediment to restarting private dwelling and small construction projects.  They have not been receiving plans and there will therefore be delays in processing.  This will cause some serious setbacks in the house and land development sector.

These divisions of Government can be opened and should be opened in line with the reopening of the Construction Sector on Thursday 21st May 2020.  The unemployment rate amongst workers is causing serious strains upon families, many of whom are on the breadline.  Urgent action is therefore needed.