San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello, centre, sings a verse from Skinny Banton’s hit song Wrong Again, during the Ministry of National Security’s National Crime Prevention Programme at Library Corner, High Street, San Fernando, with TTPS Band singer Cpl Kishorn Jack and a patron.

San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello is urging citizens to report crime and continue to encourage safe practices for the Carnival season.

Speaking at the official launch of the National Crime Prevention Programme (NCPP) at Library Corner in San Fernando on Friday, Regrello said as Mayor he was committed to ensuring that the city’s Carnival celebrations will be incident-free.

“It is my hope that you the citizens of San Fernando take the steps to report incidences of crime and volunteer your services to the NCPP for a safer Carnival season,” he said.

He commended the Minister of National Security Stuart Young in collaboration with the San Fernando City Corporation for executing the event.

“You cannot do it alone but we can do it together,” he said.

He explained that the NCPP Community Carnival 2020, Crime Prevention Caravan was seeking to bring the spirit of Carnival and using the Carnival atmosphere to raise awareness on crime prevention.

“With the support of the Ministry of National Security, the NCPP has looked to engage, educate and empower communities to make crime prevention a shared responsibility in order to achieve a safer community,” he said.

Regrello said NCPP was geared at creating a culture of crime prevention with real Carnival vibes.

“As Carnival, the event itself is but a stone throw away, the many components which make up its experience can be quite distractive, creating an avenue for petty crimes and misdemeanours. As a citizen, I believe we all contribute to the rule of law and I am taking action to further that goal as it relates to crime prevention,” Regrello said.

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of National Security Glenda Jennings-Smith also echoed the Mayor’s sentiments and urged citizens to continue to work hard towards achieving a safe country.