On the September 24, T&T will be celebrating 44 years as a republic and while many who contributed to this may not be alive today we must say thanks to them.

From then to now T&T has made tremendous strides that are noticeable all around us throughout the country and its people. Yet much more is still needed in our beautiful twin island for if as a republic we do stop growing we will be left behind.

As citizens, we continue to move forward and there is some hope and aspiration I do have for T&T, I now humbly submit them.

1. An economic turnaround: first and foremost on my list of hope and aspirations is a 360 degree turn around in our economy and believe me the entire country will support this. I still believe it can happen despite the prediction of the economic pundits, nothing is certain. We were here before and there was a turnaround the oil price did go up. We can get there again.

2. Diversification of the economy: this can become a reality in T&T someone or group would have to lead the way and demonstrate that this is possible. Boldly going where no man has gone before being that pioneer in these challenging times. It is possible in this twin island.

3. A drastic decrease in crime: from the depth of my heart, I sincerely believe that this aspiration can be materialised in all areas murders, guns, human trafficking, drugs entering the country, corruption at all levels, abuse of children, and rape of our women and robberies. I refuse to accept the fact that this is something we would have to get used to it can change with us all working together. T&T are not so far gone there is still hope let us not give up trying.

4. Uniting of the people: we cannot evade the fact that as a nation we are divided but this division can be a thing of the pass if every citizen recogniswed that it is unprofitable for any country or people to be divided. It does not stop there but we all must resist any divisive elements, unity is possible and it is in reach if we want it. It all begins with the citizenry and leaders.

5. Looking out for each other: the one word that demonstrates this is “love” let there be love where we will reach out and touch people that are in need. If God has blessed you with abundance lookout for some unfortunate brother or sister and make there day brighter. There is a cry out there we can make this happen in a greater dimension as an individual.

6. COVID-19: I know that we all will like to see this eradication of that deadly virus from our shores and worldwide. I do believe it can happen.

So as we celebrate Republic Day I hold fast to my hope and aspirations this twin-island will be a better place as they are fulfilled. Happy Republic Day to all God’s blessings!

San Juan