Participants during the protest over the murder of Andrea Bharatt bt residents of California in Central

Angry residents of California in central Trinidad lined the Southern Main Road yesterday afternoon and demanded the return of the hangman and justice for murder victim Andrea Bharatt.

Organiser of the protest, Denise Chinpire O’Reilly, Managing Director of KS Chinpire Contracting Services Limited, said Andrea’s death was the straw that broke the camel’s back as women are fed up of the abuse, killings and the general breakdown of society.

“This silent protest is to give women rights to recognise that we want to be free, we have rights to be safe and the right to wear what we want and not be harassed,” she said.

Chinpire O’Reilly expressed concern that the country has deteriorated and is filled with too many disrespectful people. She called on parents, teachers and leaders to step up and take an active role. And for police officers to do their job and ensure they make proper representations in court.

“You have a job to go to court, you have to go to court and deliver justice,” she said.

Avidesh Sankar, 23, who attended UWI with Andrea, said he was distraught when he heard the news of her murder.

“Andrea was a very quiet and simple girl. She was a divine person, she did not do anything wrong. She was the ideal student, an ideal friend. I am very traumatised to see what has happened to her.”

Sankar said society cannot afford to become numb to crimes against women.

“We cannot tolerate this anymore, enough is enough,” he said.