Fruit vendor Samuel Dipnarine complains about the landslide along the Naparima Mayaro Road, Craignish Village, Princes Town, which is now affecting his stall.


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After several near-misses, residents of Craignish Village, Princes Town, are calling on the Works Minister Rohan Sinanan to fix the rapidly sinking Naparima/Mayaro Road.

Last Monday, a container truck got stuck and had to be towed. Two weeks ago, another ten-wheeler truck almost collapsed.

With increased development in the southeastern areas, business owner Roland Khan said more heavy trucks are passing through Craignish to get to Mayaro and Guayaguayare.

“That is why the road is sinking so much. Its 59 years now this road sinking. Several governments came and went and nothing happened,” he said.

The slippage has also affected the pavements and the electrical lines which hang loosely over a vegetable shed at Craignish.

Khan said they have made repeated calls to get the road fixed but little has been done.

Vendor Samuel Diparine said he was frustrated with the problem, which he has reported several times over the years. He said the road has deteriorated so badly that whenever he sees a big truck passing, he flags it down to warn them of the danger.

“When we see the truck tilting, I have to run out and stop them from a distance because there are cars on the road and sometimes little children walking on the pavement. The road is in a bad condition. It wavy and it is easy for a big truck to slip off the edge and cant over,” Dipnarine said.

He explained that whenever it rains, the water gushes down into his vegetable shed.

“Every day this is getting worse. We need excavation to come and dig out the road, throw some boulders and ran it for now so that the vehicles could pass safely. If you notice the road is slanted and trucks are tilting so we need this as an emergency right now,” Samuel said.

Landowner Kelly Saidali said the landslip developed from a ruptured water main many years ago. Because of this, he said, the land value had depreciated.

“It’s about 59 years now that this road slipping and right now you cannot even walk on this road. It is a hazard to everyone,” Saidali said. He noted that if the slippage was not rectified soon, it will claim nearby structures.

“We want the authorities to do something because if this road collapses, there will be no way to get to Mayaro and Guayaguayare. We need them to act on this with urgency,” Saidali said.

Efforts to contact Works Minister Rohan Sinanan for comment proved futile and messages left for him via Whatsapp went unanswered.