Patricia Kissoon-Ruth

Days before her 57th birthday, retired nurse Patricia Kissoon-Ruth died after her car crashed into a cemetery wall in Barrackpore yesterday.

According to a police report, at around 4 am yesterday, Kissoon-Ruth, 57, of Cunjal Road North, Lower Barrackpore, was driving west along the Rochard Douglas Road in her BMW when she veered off the roadway and crashed into the cemetery wall. She died on impact.

Trying to come to terms with the death of her eldest child and only daughter yesterday, Carmen Khan said her daughter had lived in Canada for 30 years where she worked as a nurse.

Kissoon-Ruth, who had no children, returned to Trinidad about 11 years ago and lived with her mother. Khan said her daughter, a divorcee, worked at the San Fernando Teaching Hospital until she retired last year.

The mother said her daughter left home around 10 pm on Sunday but did not say where she going.

Khan was at home when her nephews broke the tragic news to her around 6 am yesterday.

“Well, I could not believe she die because she healthy and she nice,” Khan told Guardian Media.

Khan said her daughter would have celebrated her birthday on Saturday and she (mother) had already planned to cook curry duck and dhalpourie. She described her daughter as a nice, polite and giving person.

Still trying to understand what happened, Khan said her daughter brought the car with her from Canada. They were hoping to have the autopsy done yesterday so that her funeral could be held today under Muslims rites.

Kissoon-Ruth will now most likely be buried at the same cemetery where she lost her life.

Cpl Roopnarine of the Barrackpore Police Station is investigating.