Officer Lydia Persad-Hosein, is threatening legal action to stay on as SRP.

A Special Reserve Policewoman is threatening legal action against the Commissioner of Police for rejecting her application to extend her tenure.

Officer Lydia Persad-Hosein, 60, sent a pre-action protocol letter through her attorney Shastri Parsad & Associates, to the Commissioner of Police asking for reasons why her application was rejected and whether he will revisit his decision.

Persad-Hosein was first appointed to the SRP in March 1992, then she was officially appointed a constable in the TTPS in 2001.

She officially retired in 2011 at the rank of sergeant and was again appointed to the SRP in April 2019. In June 2020 she moved to the Southern Division Court and Process Branch, Legal Department Document Centre.

The attorney stated that last October Hosein-Persad applied for an extension of her tenure as an SRP officer as she had orally been informed that her tenure was due to expire on December 31, 2020. Her application was supported by the recommendations of two senior superintendents and an inspector. However, the attorney said in January Persad-Hosein was informed that her application had not been approved, but no reasons were given.

The attorney submitted that Persad-Hosein was not given the right to be heard on her application or any notification of any objections to and or reason why her application should not be granted. The attorney stated that his client has a legitimate expectation of having her tenure extended in that she has been serving as an SRP constable for 19 months.