A returning officer for the Moruga-Tableland Constituency has been charged with disorderly behaviour and obscene language.

Cecil Bailey was granted $10,000 bail together with his acquaintance Robert Quarless at the Princes Town Police Station after they were charged with the same offences.

The charges stemmed from an incident on Sunday at the Office of the Returning Officer for the constituency at Matilda Road, Princes Town.

Police said the two men, together with a third person, arrived in front of the building in a Nissan Narrava on Sunday morning. Bailey and Quarless exited and approached Police Constable Ramadhin who was on duty and dressed in police uniform.

The prosecution claimed that they demanded that the officer allow them to enter the building.

However, the officer asked their purpose for entering the building since it was a secure location.

The officer also asked them to produce a form of identification.

Police alleged that they became annoyed, began shouting, acting in a disorderly behaviour.

It is further alleged that they also cursed the officer.

With the assistance of other officers, Bailey and Quarless were subdued and taken to the police station where they were charged with the offences.

They were granted bail by a Justice of the Peace.

The matter will be heard before a magistrate on September 1.