Residents of Marabella South/Vistabella stage a protest to highlight the poor road conditions at Tarouba Junction, on Wednesday 24 November 2021.(Image: RISHI RAGOONATH)


“We want we road fix!” chanted residents this morning, as they protested over the deplorable road conditions near the Tarouba junction in Marabella.  

Bearing placards, they marched on the road as they complained about several craters which had developed over the past four months following a water leak. The residents are calling on the Water and Sewerage Authority to fix the leak, and the Ministry of Works and Transport to repair the road.  

Resident Shane Bahadur complained he had reported the leak to WASA about a months ago, but nothing was done. He claimed an official told him they had no equipment and resources to repair the leak. He also told Guardian Media that when heavy trucks drop into the holes, it causes their houses to vibrate.   

Meanwhile vendor Jesus Sorzana, who has been selling produce at that location for the past ten years, complained that his sales are being affected.  

“Right now, people just passing by.  They’re saying the place looking untidy, water just splashing. It’s affecting sales.”    

Marabella South/Vistabella Councillor Marcus Girdharie said he, along with his office and residents, made several reports to WASA but to no avail.  Complaining that hundreds of vehicles traverse the road which links the Southern Main Road and the Bypass Road, he said people are being put in expense because their vehicles are being damaged.  

Girdharie said if they get no response from the authorities, they would be forced to heighten protest action.