Police officers question a resident of Don Miguel Road, San Juan, yesterday about the hit and run which took place on Thursday.

Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

and Carisa Lee

A small road traffic accident in El Socorro has now turned into a criminal investigation after one of the drivers knocked down the other following a confrontation.

The two men were arguing after they could not agree on how and where the car should be repaired.

A video that began circulating online on Thursday showed both men arguing, then one of them driving off a short distance and turning his vehicle around. while the other approach his car with a machete.

The driver then slammed into the man who was approaching on foot with the machete.

The incident occurred on Don Miguel Extension Road.

The injured man was in stable condition yesterday afternoon after undergoing surgery. He sustained injuries to his hip and left artery.

An eyewitness said that after the accident, the driver admitted he was wrong but suggested to the victim that they carry the vehicle to a repair shop. The victim disagreed.

He said the victim asked for the next driver’s insurance but instead that driver returned to his car, which led to the incident.

Guardian Media understands that up to late yesterday no report was made to the police.

Criminal Defence Attorney Criston J. Williams and Co. Keron Ramkhalwhan said the driver – based on the video – could face two charges.

“At face value, the charges that may be proffered against the driver may be one dangerous driving or attempted murder,” Ramkhalwhan said.

But he said the footage may have thoroughly explained the entire situation and Ramkhalwhan may have a reason for his action.

“It may be stated that he was acting in such a manner that he honestly and instinctively thought it was necessary for protecting his life.”

Chaguanas stabbing

In another incident, a taxi driver was stabbed several times about the body Thursday afternoon in what police described as a road rage incident.

According to a police report, around noon, the victim, a 35-year-old man from Woodbrook was driving near One Woodbrook Place, St James when he was reportedly given a bad drive by the suspect, a PH driver.

The victim told police he continued driving when the suspect manoeuvred towards his vehicle several times.

Police say the victim brought his vehicle to a stop along the Western Main Road, St James due to traffic conditions and then came out and approached the suspect whose vehicle was directly behind his.

Police say the suspect became enraged and stabbed the victim, causing injury to his chest and abdomen.

The suspect then drove off.

The victim was taken by police officers to the St James Medical Complex where he was treated and listed in a stable condition.

Chaguanas fist fight

In Chaguanas, footage that circulated online yesterday, showed a driver getting out of his vehicle and confronting another driver.

The two men started fist fighting for several minutes before another man intervened to separate them.

The video also showed people emerging from both vehicles and walking away while the fight occurred.

The video was captured by a dashcam of another vehicle.

Police, Arrive Alive respond

Police Road Safety Coordinator, Brent Batson described the incidents as “extremely concerning”.

He said, “Although the Motor Vehicles and Raod Traffic Act does not speak to acts of “road rage” as any category of offence, under Section 26 (1) of the Summary Offences Act the offence of “Wanton or Furious Driving” states that “Any person, having the charge of any vehicle, who, by wanton or furious driving, or other wilful misconduct, or by wilful neglect, does or causes to be done any bodily harm to any person whatsoever, is liable to imprisonment for four years.”

He said this would apply to where the driver actually used the vehicle to cause harm to another person.

“Sadly, road rage is an international phenomenon, the human factor where the emotional and psychological stresses may sometimes be triggered by unintentional act of other drivers being interpreted as personal attack resulting in fits of anger and rage resulting in a spectrum of anti-social behaviour ranging from verbal abuse to violent physical attacks on another person,” he added.

Head of Arrive Alive, Sharon Inglefield said road rage is unacceptable and urged all drivers to “respect the laws and law enforcement officers including traffic wardens, police officers and licensing officers.”

Inglefield called on arrogant drivers to examine themselves and work out why they are being so angry.

“They need to find out what is causing this anger and it is important to examine what is causing this anger and do some retrospection.”

Inglefield also suggested that arrogant drivers go for help.

“Seek professional counselling and take driver behaviour classes, do rehabilitation and examine what’s causing this and why you are behaving irrationally.”

Inglefield disclosed that Arrive Alive has been conducting behavioural classes for the past six years and intends to heighten classes on behalf of the Ministry of Works and Transport, “One can register for these classes online by going to the arrive alive website.”