Road rage victim Michael Russell, asks why his attacker has not been arrested and charged for an incident which landed him in hospital.

The survivor of a hit and run road rage accident, which occurred in January, is today thanking God for life but in the same breath calling for justice.

According to Michael Russell, the driver of the vehicle that intentionally struck him and drove off is yet to be charged by police for the offence.

Speaking with the Guardian Media on Friday, Russell said he is now resting at his home in Belmont but not comfortably as he is experiencing excruciating pains in the chest and head.

“At times I would be crying non-stop because nobody knows what I’m going through and to know that the driver has not been charged for what he did to me. Up to yesterday (Thursday) I asked the police officer who came to take my report what will be done and he gave no answer,” Russell said.

On January 28, Russell recalled that he was on his way home with his wife when he noticed a car behind him with the fog lights on “bobbing through cars” behind me, “the driver cut in between the front of my car and a truck and he touched my bumper causing me to swerve out of control. When we do stop he wiped my car with a cloth and offered me $50 and when I said no he said ‘ok let’s go by an ATM and he will give me $100.”

Russell said that’s when he told the guy to follow him to a car wash place in El Socorro which also does detailing.

“I’m in and out of my memory, but I could remember that the guy insisted that I go to San Fernando by someone he knows to fix it. But I told him no these people can fix it for me but the man got in his car and pulled off. I don’t know what happened next but my mind was blank and in the video, I saw I picked up my cutlass and attempted to stop the guy. I remembered wanting his insurance. Next thing I know I was on top of his windshield. He knocked me off the road and drove off. Up to this day, the driver nor any of his family contacted me to find out how I’m doing.”

Russell explained that his car is less than two years old as he bought it brand new from Massy Motors.

“I was frustrated that day because it’s the second time I got hit and it’s my losses because I’m in court for the first hit because that driver didn’t want to take wrong. I fed up of being hit and I’m in the loss, this time I’m suffering with broken, bruised and fractured ribs, and a hairline fracture to my skull. I’m constantly having headaches and real pain. I need nothing but justice. That driver had to be arrested and charged but our laws in T&T not sufficient.”

Guardian Media understands that the driver of the other vehicle in question is yet to give an official report to the police.

Sources said the TTPS does not have any Road Traffic Accident report from January 28 involving Russell and the other driver.