Judy Loutan aunt of doubles vendor Daniel Sooklal who was shot and killed along Union Road, Marabella speaks to GML

Police are trying to determine if a botched robbery or a case of mistaken identity is what led to the murder of Daniel Sooklal on Thursday night.

Sooklal, 30 of Lightbourne Road, Gasparillo, was shot when he went to pick up his wife Azeema Almeen, who was selling doubles at Krishna’s Doubles stall along Union Road, Marabella.

Sooklal would sometimes also assist in selling doubles.

Police reports stated that around 10.30 pm, Sooklal was sitting in his vehicle when a masked gunman came to the stall, causing some confusion. At the time, another worker was in the stall and the officers said Sooklal got out of the car.

The gunmen fired several shots at the Sooklal and the others under the tent. They all ran out in different directions, but eyewitnesses said Sooklal was struck a few times.

He fell to the ground a short distance away and died.

The gunman ran off and up to yesterday was not held by the police. Investigators said the gunman did not get any money.

Sooklal’s cousin Thorn said it was hard to imagine what caused someone to kill him. He said Sooklal would stay in Couva with Almeen’s family, but returned home occasionally. He said that Sooklal’s home fell apart recently, but his father was rebuilding it.

On Thursday, Sooklal was helping his father with plumbing as he had planned to move his family back to Gasparillo.

His aunt Judy Loutan said it was around 12.30 pm that someone told her of the murder. Loutan also could not think of a reason why someone wanted him dead as she knew him as a good person and family man.

She said that Sooklal suffered two heart attacks recently and could not return to his job as a gardener. With taxis difficult to get in that area, he took his Almeen and the children to Couva.

Since he was employed, he would sometimes help Almeen in the doubles stall.

She said the death was hard on the family as several members passed last year under varying circumstances.