Anita Bhajwansingh and her brother Selwyn Seepaul look at the landslide on the Naparima/ Mayaro Main road in Roberts Village Tableland on Thursday.

Residents are again pleading with Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan to urgently repair a landslip at Roberts Village, Tableland which is damaging their property.

Additionally, the residents said they have been also been grappling with a dust problem.

Last week the Public Trasport Service Corporation suspended its Mayaro/Guayaguayare bus service due to the bad condition of the Naparima Mayaro Road caused by the landslip.

Within days the Ministry of Works conducted emergency road works which saw the resumption of the bus service.

The ministry later had stated that permanent slope stabilization work and restoration would commence sometime this month. However, residents said based on previous experiences they were not confident that proper work would be done.

Resident Anita Bhagwansingh who runs a roadside vegetable and fruit stall appealed, “We are kindly calling on the Minister of Works, Mr Rohan Sinanan can you please come and give us a fix on this road. It is a major road. It is very dangerous and harmful to drivers and people in the environment. Also, the dust is affecting all neighbours right around. We have a little stall there and people are not stopping due to the dust.”

Bahgwansingh was forced to move out of her home after it was badly damaged last year. She repaired it and moved back in, but her house is now sinking.

“The land is pulling, it keep pulling, it started from the back where our house is located, the place is real cracked up. This is happening two years now.”

Another resident Hainsley Roget who runs a business at his home said the materials from the “hurry work” done by the ministry on Old Year’s Day have washed away due to the heavy rainfall.

He said, “The work that they had done on Ole Years Day it come like they did not do anything because the whole thing caving away again. We back where we were before.”

He said residents are fed up of being neglected and are planning to protest.

Efforts to contact the Ministry of Works were unsuccessful.