Colin Alexis

The stepson of murdered reputed gang leader Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis was gunned down in Enterprise, Chaguanas, on Wednesday night.

Guardian Media understands that at about 8 pm, Colin “Kudoes” Alexis, of Railway Road, was in his vehicle at Jack Terrace when a gunman walked up to him and shot him dead. Alexis, who attempted to jump out of the vehicle’s window when he saw the gunman draw, was found slumped halfway on the door and inside the vehicle by residents.

Police said Alexis apparently went to purchase grocery items before he was killed, as the vehicle he was in was packed with the items.

Police also told Guardian Media that initial information suggests Alexis went to check someone in the area, when it is believed members of the Unruly Isis found out he was nearby. The gang members reportedly passed through a track from Goodwill, caught Alexis by surprise and shot him dead.

Police are yet to determine a motive for Alexis’ murder but investigators said he was a known firearm offender.

Alexis’ stepfather, Selwyn, a reputed gang leader and criminal mastermind, was assassinated at Enterprise, Chaguanas, on July 17, 2016. Alexis’ customer Kevin Escayg and Escayg’s four-year-old son Kirchard Scott were shot several times as a group of gunmen ambushed them at Alexis’ carwash at Freedom Street at about 4.30 pm that day.

In January this year, Selwyn’s son, Kerron Alexis, alleged police harassment from officers assigned to the Central Division.

Speaking with the Guardian Media then, Kerron said at the beginning of this year, officers came searching for him at several properties he owns in the Enterprise area, claiming they have warrants for arms, ammunition and drugs. He also alleged that the officers went to his mother’s apartment and broke locks and broke down doors to enter. He added that while masked up and with guns, they allegedly took his daughter’s laptop away from her while she was in a Zoom class. Kerron subsequently made a report to Police Complaints Authority (PCA) head David West and an investigation was launched.

In an unrelated incident earlier on Wednesday, a 28-year-old man was killed as he was getting a haircut at a barber in Morvant.

He was identified as Dan Adams, 28, from Maracas, St Joseph.

According to a police report, at about 2.20 pm, Adams was in a barbershop at Building A Paradise Heights when a man walked in and shot him several times.

Police said Adams was a known offender but they are yet to establish a motive for his killing.