PNM deputy leader Rohan Sinanan addresses a PNM political meeting in Chaguanas Monday night.

Gail Alexander

A new cargo vessel which can make the Tobago run in four hours and can also carry 400 passengers will arrive in December.

PNM deputy leader Rohan Sinanan indicated this at last night’s PNM Chaguanas East meeting. He said this will help the truckers on the cargo route especially.

Chaguanas East candidate Clarence Rambharat, who was in high spirits, thanked PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley for approving his candidacy quickly. He also thanked former MP Mustapha Abdul Hamid (who served under the Manning administration).

“I’m happy here. I’m fitter than ever,” Rambharat boasted.

Rambharat pointed out that during the start of the COVID outbreak, unlike other countries which had food shortages – including Canada – and long queues for food T&T had no food shortage or skyrocketing prices. He said this was due to the Prime Minister’s mandate that the markets shouldn’t close.

He said T&T can’t be self-sufficient in rice, flour or cooking oil but by making the right choices and planting crops can adjust the food import bill.

“We recognised in COVID that we can eat such things if there’s been an interruption of local or international supply…Chaguanas East is the home gardening capital of T&T. They planting everything – including the cannabis!’’

Rambharat said when the PNM returns to Government after next week, it would pick up work on proposed law to improve the fisheries sector. This was presented to Parliament just before the Parliament prorogued. He said the most contractors in the chicken sector come from Mayaro. “Chicken is not simple,’’ he said.

He said many women worked in the chicken sector in the East-West corridor and the UNC hasn’t catered for this.

“They (UNC) wouldn’t know how this simple fowl powers families across T&T. That’s why I would only eat Royal Castle or KFC that buys locally.”

Princes Town candidate Sharon Baboolal urged against tribal politics voting which she said had brought nothing to Princes Town.

“I’m ready to work – and my documents are in order,” she said, tossing a jibe at the issue concerning UNC candidate Barry Padarath’s nomination form.