Chairman Toco/ Sangre Grande regional Corporation Terry Rondon arrives at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s for the PNM’s screening of candidates yesterday.


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In an about-turn from his comments in 2019 when the People’s National Movement (PNM) lost control of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, former chairman Terry Rondon now says he will throw his full support behind anyone the party selects to contest the Toco/Sangre Grande constituency in the upcoming general election.

Speaking to Guardian Media outside of Queen’s Hall, in Port- of- Spain yesterday, Rondon said he has thrown his hat into the ring and presented himself for screening before the party’s executive yesterday.

He seemed in high spirits when the process was over, saying he felt everything went ‘okay’ and he was very happy.

He said he felt it was time to move on from serving people on a Local Government level.

I put my hat in the ring because 24 and a half years I have been serving the people at a local level. I just felt at this time, I can do more for the people at this level.”

But Rondon says even if he is not selected, he will stand behind whoever the PNM chooses.

“I am hoping to get through, if I didn’t, I am a PNM and whosoever they pick I am going to work just as hard and even harder. I have no ill feelings against anybody most importantly is gelling holding hands and walk, you can’t win no election with division, not all and you’ve got to respect people,” he said.

But almost immediately after the results of the December 2 Local Government Elections last yesterday, Rondon told Guardian Media that poor candidate selection was responsible for the PNM’s loss of the Regional Corporation.

At that time, Rondon said, “I call on party groups to stop picking your favourites. It’s time the electorate select the candidate of their choice….someone they have confidence in…people who are committed to doing the job. The PNM has to go out in the communities and find out from the people who they want to represent them. This cannot be done at Balisier House. Let the hierarchy of the party send out their scouts and listen to the voice of the people.”

In that election, the United National Congress took control of the corporation by five seats to the PNM’s three.

Asked yesterday if he believes those results means the electoral tide had turned against the PNM in the constituency, Rondon said it may have been a strong message but he is prepared to work to gain back those votes.

“My duty is to try my best and see that we get back the votes and I’m going to do it, we have work to do and I am going to do it.”