Felicity/ Endeavour councillor Wendy Francis, left, chats with Lillawatie Kissoon, whose roof was blown off during a freak midday storm, at corner Lyle Lane Street and Bernard Road, Felicity, yesterday.

Gusty winds from an afternoon thunderstorm partially ripped off the roof of a pensioner’s home on Thursday.

The pensioner 70-year-old Lowtie Kisson was sheltering downstairs when the winds and rain hit.

“Well, the rain start falling hard, and the breeze just come. And when the breeze come, it just blow and blow and blow out the galvanize, carry it away about three neighbour’s house, to the back of their house and drop it.”

Kissoon, who lives at the corner of Lyle Lane Street and Bernard Road, Felicity, shares the two-story house with her son, daughter-in-law, and young grandson.

The flying galvanized sheets severed electrical lines to the home, causing live wires to lay across the property as the weather subsided. T&TEC visited the home, disconnected the live wires, and secured the scene.

Councillor for Felicity/Endeavour, Wendy Francis, mobilized the disaster management unit quickly to supply tarpaulins to prevent additional water damage. She said that the Chaguanas Borough Corporation would be rendering further assistance, providing mattresses to the family. As chair of the Corporation’s disaster management unit, Francis will be aiding Kisson with self-help forms to access government grants.

The councillor also indicated that a nearby home was damaged at Cacandee Road, where a mango tree fell on the house.