Dr Keith Rowley, PNM Political Leader, speaks with the media after casting his vote at the International School in Port of Spain, this morning.


After voting at the International School in Port-of-Spain shortly after 9 am, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said all the reports he’s received about the voting process were positive.

“People are coming out to vote. There are no lines, meaning that people are able to express themselves. Also, people are observing the necessary social distancing, and being patient,” Dr Rowley said, after showing off his voting finger to media.

Saying he was pleased with how his own voting process went, Dr Rowley told Guardian Media the health protocols at the Diego Martin West poll were very well in place.

As for voter turnout, he was also pleased.

“Well, it’s contrary to what some were saying that the population wasn’t interested. It’s a good turnout so far. All the early reports are that it’s a good flow,” he said.

Saying he was relieved that campaigning has come to an end, he said come tomorrow morning he will likely start his day with friends.

PNM Political Leader, Dr Keith Rowley, shows his ink-stained finger, proof that he cast his vote at the International School in Port of Spain, this morning.

Given the challenges associated with the ongoing pandemic, it was a hard campaign, he confessed.

“It was a campaign of reporting to the population about the stewardship, and I’m very satisfied. I think most of the population would have had access to information that would have been useful,” The PNM’s Political Leader said.

While saying that every election is important as a voter, he claimed that, as a voter, this election had particular significance, given what’s at stake.

He said whoever manages the country next, will have a difficult task in navigating the next five years.

“I think the population needs to pay attention to that. It’s not a time to make jokes because of the difficult period we are going into, and it’s not just difficult on one angle. There are significant difficulties all around, so choosing the management of the country here is particularly important and makes this election so much more important.”