Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley speaks during Friday’s sitting of Parliament.

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“Thank you for your prayers and your support.”

This was Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s message as he addressed the congregation of the Divine Destiny Worship Centre in Diego Martin yesterday, prior to today’s General Election.

“Yesterday it was very prevalent when I went about on a motorcade, so many people yesterday. I was out for about nine or ten hours yesterday, just out in a motorcade meeting people, seeing people, and greeting people. And so many people would stretch out and reach out and say I have been praying for you. I’m still praying you, I’m praying for you,” said Rowley as he addressed the church service.

“This morning I want to say to all of you especially those of you at Divine Centre and Divine Centre around following us, thank for having prayed for me. Thank you for having prayed for this country and continue to pray for us and pray for Trinidad and Tobago.”

During the address at the church service, the Prime Minister reflected upon his tenure, which he noted had been punctuated with many unplanned difficulties. Some of which he admitted had brought him many days and night of stress.

“This is a period that we experienced all kinds of things that we have not planned for. We didn’t plan to be in serious financial difficulty. We didn’t really plan to be affected by the causes of the actions we had to take to get out of those difficulties. We didn’t plan for a Venezuelan invasion, we didn’t plan for a pandemic. But those were the things that exercised us during that period and thank God we’ve come out of it alive,” the Prime Minister said.

He said, however, as his five-year term came to an end, he felt “light.”

“Today I have come to the end of the term that you have given me, and I feel particularly light. Because during the period that I have served as your Prime Minister, for that five-year term that ends today, there were very many days and weeks of stress. Of not being sure how things are going to work out. But I genuinely believe that if you approach it with the view of having it work out right and the faith, because we are people of faith, with the faith that we will be alright then we will not be abandoned. Thankfully we are not abandoned because we are never alone,” he said.

Dr Rowley was elected Prime Minister on September 7, 2015, and is seeking re-election in today’s election.