National Security Minister Stuart Young, centre, cuts the ribbon to open the new Roxborough Fire Station with THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis and PNM Tobago East candidate Ayanna Webster-Roy yesterday.

Firefighters in Roxborough have a new place to call home after the newly-built Roxborough Fire Station was opened yesterday.

In delivering the feature address, Minister of National Security Stuart Young said the facility, which was expected to be completed in September 2020, came in under time, on budget and free from any form of corruption.

“This station was delivered for $37 million. We have come here today to open this fire station, it is not a gimmick,” Young said.

“The Roxborough Fire Station sign is stuck to the top, there are no letters falling off and we will operate from this fire station when we leave here today under time and on budget, that is what this administration delivers. There is no risk whatsoever of any kickback, there’s no risk of any corruption that was so prevalent under the last administration.”

Young said Tobago East had been developed significantly over the last five years, compared to the 2010 to 2015 period under the People’s Partnership government.

“The complete breakdown of the relationship between Central Government and the THA and the horrors that were taking place – unreturned calls, unreturned correspondence, no money coming from Central Government, a complete lack of respect and courtesy at a bare minimum, Tobago I’m pleading with you, don’t let it go back to those days when we have made this massive amount of progress under Dr (Keith) Rowley,” he said.

Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis meanwhile said under the Rowley-led People’s National Movement administration, Tobago had seen unprecedented and accelerated development

“If we simply look around, we will recognise that sometime last year, we commissioned a new police station right across the road. It was last year as well that right up the road the Tobago House of Assembly opened a new Administrative Complex here in Roxborough, not many months ago as well we turned the sod to begin construction of a new hospital here in Roxborough, that will be completed in a few months’ time and therefore we will once again gather here again in Roxborough to open yet another project,” Dennis said.

Member of Parliament for Tobago East Ayanna Webster-Roy, who is from the village of Roxborough, said she was elated with the changes in her hometown. She urged residents to maximise on the infrastructural developments in the area, adding residents should position themselves for advancement and growth.

“Let us change our mindset, let us look at ourselves as the producers and the employers, let us become more committed to productivity, let us become more willing and open to taking risk. Yes, we can invest in the community as a Government and we have seen the investment, but it’s up to us the people of Roxborough and the people of Tobago East to transform this space,” Webster-Roy said.

The old Roxborough Fire Station, which was located on the same site, was built in the 1980s but was condemned by OSHA in 2014. The new station was built by the China Railway Company, while the project was managed by UDeCoTT.