Natalie Gordon, Customer Service Experience Manager at Royal Castle Limited cuts the ribbon for the reopening of its Gasparillo corporate-owned restaurant. (PHOTO BY KRISTIAN DE SILVA)


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As part of its Independence gift to the nation, Royal Castle Limited reopened its newly renovated corporate-owned restaurant at Gasparillo on Friday, offering free merchandise and gifts to loyal customers.

Daniel Seebaran, Area Manager for South and Central said the locally-owned restaurant wanted to thank its customer base which has remained loyal over the years.

Customer Service representative Mary John prepares a box of fried chicken at the newly reopened outlet in Gasparillo. (PHOTO BY KRISTIAN DE SILVA)

“We are happy to reopen this restaurant. In addition to our great service, we have all of the mouth-watering dishes that our customers have grown accustomed to and love for all these years,” he said.

Hampers from other sponsors as well as Royal Castle meal vouchers were also given away.

And as the holidays come to an end, Seebaran said there were also free slushies for the children.

“Slushies have become a staple in many of our branches compliments Blue Waters so we have giveaways from them as well,” Seebaran added.

Natalie Gordon, Customer Service Experience manager said the restaurant will continue to offer the best to its clients.

“We have the best local something that everybody knows, flavor to the bone and you will not get that taste anywhere else,” she added.

Regarding the bad reviews that many fast food outlets received when the retail food sector reopened, Gordon said, “At Royal Castle, we always make sure that we meet the highest standards. If at times we may falter, we take responsibility. If that happens we go in and see what are the challenges, then we correct and perfect it so that the customer gets really what they are looking for because you need to get that value for your money.”

She said the restaurant chain will continue to focus on building families.

” Right now it’s COVID and it’s a challenge to get kids out. We have a family special, as well as specials for kids and a kids meal. All year through we cater to the family and the kids,” she added.

With regard to the many unemployed people, Gordon said Royal Castle was continuing to take corporate social responsibilities seriously.

“We don’t publicize everything but we assist many families and the staff as well,” Gordon added. Told that many parents were struggling to buy books for their children, Gordon said, ” Once the need comes to us we will try to assist in any way possible.”