The School of Accounting and Management Studies (SAMS) on Blanche Fraser Street, San Fernando, after police visited staff on the compound yesterday.

The first day back to work for administrative staff at the School of Accounting and Management Studies (SAMS) was cut short yesterday following a visit from San Fernando police.

Despite the State’s COVID-19 restrictions, functions resumed at the school along Blanche Fraser Street following an email sent to the staff on Friday.

The email stated that SAMS’ president Dr Asaf Pirali advised that staff would return from May 26 for administrative duties while classes continue online until further notice.

The operating times for both St Augustine and San Fernando campuses were Monday-Thursday from 9 am-2 pm and Saturdays from 9 am-1 pm.

The email advised that employees with school laptops should continue to work from home after leaving the offices at the respective closing times. It further advised that students would receive correspondence on when they can visit to conduct business.

Police said they received information about a school reopening and officers from the San Fernando Police Station had an audience with the management.

Following that meeting, the management closed the school.

An officer said that under the Public Health Ordinance (COVID-19 Regulations), 2020, only the services specified under sub-regulation (2) are legally allowed to open. The officers were first told that the school was opened to facilitate on-line classes, but were later informed that administrative staff who previously worked from home were ordered to their workplace.

Following the closure, management sent another email sent to the staff, advising them to continue working from home as the school would be closed until the clearance is given by the government.

Guardian Media contacted Pirali for comment but was unsuccessful.